Successful facebook marketing case studies

I have been person 1 for most of my life. This is where I had most of my measurable success. From my experience, the truth is somewhere in the middle.


To get the best results both performance marketing and branding should be working hand in hand. And most important they should be aligned with each other. The result is no accident. It is the outcome of a strong brand design strategy implemented in their day to day Facebook marketing activities.

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And you can be sure that a company of this size and age 84th biggest company in the world knows a thing or two about marketing. Especially if you consider that they need to sell on emotions, as this is the only real value the drink provides. Nobody would otherwise buy water with an overdose of sugar….

We are not saying that your company needs the same slides brand book as Coca Cola. This would be over the top read: over the budget of most companies. But at least you need to make sure that the branding delivers on its purposes:. You want to be remembered and you want to trigger the right emotions. Design empowers you to directly influence both. Should you use your logo on all content pillars? On all backgrounds?

In different colors? Good questions and you should have the answer ready before publishing Facebook posts. A set of primary and secondary colors make it easy to stand out and to be remembered. Just scroll up to the posts of Coke and see the patterns. Most brands want to have fonts that match their personality and overall design. Consistency is key. A mood board is like an anchor for your design team and makes sure that you are consistently sending the same signals and are triggering the right emotions.

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  5. Just scroll up again to the posts of Coke and study the patterns. Stock pictures can be a helpful add-on, but most businesses should be doing their own photography for more authenticity on a regular basis. Marketing materials are the result of all of the above. You want to have a set of great looking design styles that you can constantly use for your Facebook posts. It saves time and ensures consistency. In fact, it is one of the first things that we always do when working on a new marketing strategy.

    Facebook Marketing in A Study of M Facebook Posts

    Basically, every little detail that you need to know to be successful is already out there. Every little detail. This is the beauty of the information age.

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    • Facebook case study | Smart Insights.

    All you need to do is to read and apply the knowledge. Do you want to know which Facebook page in Thailand got the most interactions in June ? The winner is Allianz Ayudhya.

    Facebook page with the best response time? It takes 9min on average to get a response from you guys! You want to compete with Starbucks and understand which of their posts in the last 3 month August got the most and the least comments? These and many more valuable insights are out there four business and for your competitors. It is not about re-inventing the wheel, but much more about reading and understanding the available data and making the right decisions based on it. Especially when creating your content pillars and specific post ideas this becomes a powerful tool, as you can see what works and what does not work.

    First of all, we need to list of all direct and indirect competitors. This is helpful for benchmarking and for staying up-to-date with latest trends of what works and what not.

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    If you always see what works for your competition then you can use this as a starting point to create even better content. Plus it helps to avoid making the same mistakes creating content that does not work than others. The information from above is helping us to stay on eye-level with our competition. Now with this and the next pieces of information, we will be AHEAD of your competitors, as we can gain additional insights.

    Let us say your target audience are business people in the age of 30 — 40 years and we are selling premium suits. We can see what their preferred barber and shoe brand are doing well and apply this to your business. Same as the above. Condom brand Durex developed a chatbot that shared content about sex with young Indian consumer through Facebook messenger, in a bid to boost safe sex awareness across the country and boost sales.

    Czech food wholesaler Amplex increased awareness of its ice cream brand by 7 points when it used Facebook video ads to entice people to enter its promotional contest. The local franchisee of French retailer Carrefour enjoyed significant boosts to brand awareness and online sales after running Facebook and Instagram ads during Ramadan in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Digital ad campaigns which only rely on cookies for ad targeting can sometimes produce misleading results, wasted impressions and missed conversions.

    Deciding how to split a marketing media budget can be difficult without in depth measurement and insights from previous campaigns. Airline KLM believed that mobile ads were important, but to what extent when the majority of their sales take place on a desktop? KLM needed to set up cross device customer tracking so that they could discover the real impact mobile was having on sales. The company wanted to sharpen their campaign plans by finding smarter ways to target their audience and allocate budgets.

    In order to do this the fashion ecommerce store decided to use people based measurement tools rather than just traditional cookies to gain much deeper insights to their customers path to purchase and in turn allocate media budgets accordingly. Pizza maker DiGiorno followed Instagram best practices to develop a teaser video ad and Instagram Story that would encourage people to enjoy its pizza for their next get-together, resulting in an impressive lift in purchase intent.

    Online fruit seller Portakalbahcem. KLM added Messenger as a new entry point for customers to ask questions and receive flight information, including boarding passes.

    Agency51 found that social media marketing and email marketing could help Augean gather market research data and promote specific products and services more effectively than just text posts. They proposed training sessions to show how Augean could best leverage the opportunity, with the goal of creating an exclusive online community through which they could encourage brand loyalty and return customers.

    They helped put a content plan in place, allowed for content to be updated regularly, and encouraged engagement from current followers and potential new fans. We also worked with a group of clinics that specialize in laser hair-removal. They hired us to turn more visitors into paying customers, or boost their conversion rate. The challenge specific to the laser hair removal industry was the fact that high-profit margins led to increased competition. Some players in the market offer huge discounts and deals to try and make some quick cash. Our approach started with conducting on-site and email surveys to capture as much information as possible from customers anonymously.

    This was extremely useful in generating ideas for improvements to test, as well as getting in the heads of potential customers. By targeting both desktop and mobile traffic, we were able to boost conversion rates across both successful user segments and segments that were previously underperforming. They had to grow fast, so they turned to Princeton Partners. The results were significant. Amp Agency worked with Hasbro on managing both paid and organic search SEO and SEM , creative online advertising, global analytics reporting, and analysis across all digital platforms media, search, site, and social for 25 Hasbro brands.

    To come up with some actionable insights for Hasbro, Amp put together this 3-part plan:. For example, Amp was able to put statisticians to work on Hasbro for more precise and high-level behavioral analyses. Amp used third-party data to analyze browsing behavior of customers before they bought from the toy company.

    This way, they were able to better understand the factors that influence people to buy from a company like Hasbro. They analyzed the content that customers were engaging with, the content that preceded conversions, the content that reduced conversions, etc. Amp then used econometric modeling techniques to analyze media investment, which resulted in insights into the ROI of various marketing channels. The results achieved by the agency here include better understanding for their client about the entire end-to-end customer journey.

    John Hancock provides financial services such as life insurance, k plans, and mutual funds. The company sponsored a recent Boston Marathon, and worked with Amp to maximize the visibility of their sponsorship online. The WeRunTogether campaign encouraged those interested in the Boston Marathon to share reasons for participating in the form of video, photo, or text.

    The content was aggregated to resemble a mosaic, which was meant to represent the connectedness of the Boston Marathon community.


    6 Brilliant Facebook Campaigns (& Why They Worked)

    By using paid social media advertising, they were able to target people who were more closely associated with the Boston Marathon, as well as those interested in financial services who were also running. Here are some examples of ads run by Amp for John Hancock:. By creating a conversation around the race, John Hancock was able to contribute to the Boston Marathon, and also promote their non-profit fundraising partnership with CrowdRise. The WeRunTogether hashtag was used over 42, times over the course of four weeks across all major social channels, and was a trending topic nationally on Twitter during the day of the race:.

    Source: Amp. Scooters started off as a simple skateboard with handlebars, but over time they have become small two-wheeled vehicles made for people to commute longer distances. The client approached us with a limited ad budget and a desire to start experimenting with some digital marketing tactics to capture a larger share of the younger demographic. When ad budgets are tight, some entrepreneurs mistakenly conclude that organic traffic is their only option.

    However, for those who understand how to utilize paid traffic, you can get significant reach and conversions in a very short amount of time which could benefit your business more than waiting months and months to rank in organic search. Stream Ads, and Amazon Product Ads across all major devices. The campaign consisted of display ads to drive brand awareness and product-listing ads that users would see when they searched for a competitor.

    From there, we monitored the ROI of each channel and killed all underperforming ads. Or you might just want more visibility in Google search rankings or find ways to reach your audience through new channels. Can Single Grain help with your unique situation? Let's have a friendly chat to find out!

    5 Successful Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

    Skip to content. Structured processes and documentation for each task. The right tools. Consistency The average time it takes to see consistent organic traffic to your site from SEO is around 5 to 6 months. Experience You should make sure that you have experience designing and running some portion of marketing campaigns. However, according to Brian Clifton, there are a couple of issues with this: Google Analytics combines your total revenue from both your transactions and goals.

    This could potentially lead to double counting.