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They will be published in one to three years according to their authorization.

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Yenching University theses database. This database can be browsed and searched in several ways. Full texts are available to readers who have access to the campus network. The database currently collects 3. China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database. China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database collects , doctoral dissertations from doctoral programs updated May It is updated continuously. The 10 series are further divided into subjects and further into about sub-subjects. Chinese dissertation of National Science and Technology Library.

It provides access to the following five databases: foreign science and technology periodicals database, foreign conference papers database, foreign science and technology monographs database, Chinese conference papers database and Chinese Dissertations Database. It provides the abstracts of almost 10, papers published in foreign-language journals, especially journals in the West.

Nearly 2 million secondary documents are available for search by now. Wanfang Database——Abstract database of China Dissertations.

Paraplegic student in China defends her thesis from hospital bed

Founded in , it includes the basic information of the Master's theses, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral dissertations from various fields of natural science and social science in China. The information includes title, author, discipline, type of degree, supervisor's name, degree -granting institutions, collection number, classification no. ProQuest Digital Dissertations. Whatever you do, don't forget to have fun! How about doing something on the relationship of overseas Chinese and China?

That's not something you hear about everyday. You could dig into how various group relate to China differently, maybe depending on when they emigrated, where they are from, their political attitude and economic status, etc. You can talk about the outreach of the Chinese government to overseas Chinese.

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Most of the topics you listed have probably been done to deaths already in school reports. I got another similar suggestion: the Expat Life in China. You can just read through this forum and write a very good thesis. Who are they? Why they came to China?

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What they like about China? What they don't like? If you can add some reflection on your own life and your parents experience, your thesis will really stand out among others. Unfortunately the topics you listed have been done to death by both political commentators and experts. Though I think to take up Autofins suggestion you would need to also explore some of the more extreme expat forums - people tend to keep it sane and reasonable on this site.

How does this reconcile with reliance on coal? Is there hope that one day Chinese cities will have much lower pollution levels? Has there been any positive progress in the rural areas? Are people lives improving? What is the impact on medical staff, patients. Where are the gaps - who misses out.

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  • Not the imports and the media and the games addiction, but the social impact and the apparent increase in physical isolation of many young people who choose to spend their spare time online chatting with friends rather than meeting people in real life. Why is it happening the social, cultural causes , is the government concerned, what do people think about it? Arranged marriages are fading away in the cities, there are no more work brigades to introduce people. How do people meet potential partners - here recognizing that there is a short window for meeting and getting married - post study, a short time after commencing work - culturally it all has to be in place before they are in their late 20s.

    Foreign films are huge among young Chinese, can local films compete? These topics are probably too big to explore in depth for your project but any one of them should give you enough material to write a substantial introduction to the issues. The main thing I found about knowledge of China among people not living there is - apart from the topics you listed - most people know very little about China. So, writing about any single topic might prove interesting and informative for other people. If anyone wants to say to say "that assertion is wrong" please do.

    These are only suggested topics to explore based on my impressions and reading. Speaking cultural influence, if you check music, film, TV, books and magazines, entertainment, serious arts, everything points to Beijing, Hong Kong, and you can include Taiwan as well. Even Guangzhou in magazines and newspaper or Hunan in their popular TV shows are doing a better job than Shanghai.

    Maybe there is is still a topic looking at any differences in the type and content of these media from these different areas.

    Doctoral thesis: Towards China’s Strategic Narrative

    The topics Outofin and Philip suggested are all very interesting, but they will require major effort on your part to research. Much of the available material might be in Chinese, which you may or may not be able to read. Another option which requires much less "book research" is to conduct interviews. It might be interesting to tell the story of your family's life in China and emigration to Europe.

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    Or you can interview your mates' families, which might be an interesting twist. Thank you all for your ideas, i like them. Nice list Phillip, thats very interesting and i might choose something from that. Tackling Philip's number 5 but including addiction to games would make interesting reading. You'd also be covering a very timely and contentious issue. I have other resources if you go down this line and need more material. Visting internet cafe's in China can be one of the most 'enlightening' experiences, especially one off the beaten track. Think teenagers chain-smoking, playing games and surfing porn in a zombie-like trance.

    Some spend all night in there - apparent by their accompanying duvets. I spoke to a few parents about it on my last trip to China and many are paranoid about their kids falling into that trap - hence those camps. Just quickly wanted to add that, even or especially? The mention of kids segregating themselves from others, into an online world, immediately brought that to mind - and some material for comparison can be helpful The main problem, I'd think, really is that you don't usually write theses while you are pre-university Not that cyber-anthropology weren't around, but it's a bag of worms.

    web.difccourts.ae/el-agente-secreto-en-una-misin-llena-de.php Over that time I have been learning about modern China. Many people believe that daily life is too crowded and too competitive. Sometimes I show them photos of crowding from India and it blows their minds - they can not conceive of hanging on the outside of a bus on sitting on top of a bus or train. But, their feelings are still real. Maybe this is why they withdraw.

    The internet provides a connection to distant friends and family and former students connect to their old teachers.