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Often those neighbourhoods were founded out of best intentions. Many districts that later became problem neighbourhoods were founded in the s and s when the State wanted to provide better housing for poorer persons. Big tenement buildings were built. The first tenants mostly were two-parent-families, not those one kind with at least one parent working and many were happy with their neighbourhoods.

But when the unemployment rate started climbing more and more people were losing their jobs. In the s radical leftist terrorist organisations like the Red Army Faction engaged in a string of assassinations and kidnappings against political and business figures. Germany has also continued to struggle with far-right violence or neo-Nazis which are presently on a rise, in line with the younger generation of Germans growing older.

The number of officially recognized violent hate crimes has risen from to According to a recent study a majority Jews living in Germany are worried about a rise in antisemitism. There is a certain fragility of income and social position in France. There are several ways to measure this. One possibility is to look at unemployment. Inside the European Union, in May , France was ranked 6th with its unemployment rate of 9.

Women suffer from economical and social semiotics in France. Indeed, they are paid, on average, Women in France also have to handle sexual harassment, inequalities in education, and other problems. That are some reasons why the Global Gender Gap report of has ranked France 17th with a score of 0. Other issues include education , lack of literacy and numeracy , school truancy , violence and bullying in schools , religious intolerance , immigration , political and religious extremism , discrimination of all sorts, the role of women, aging populations, gender issues, unplanned parenthood , teenage pregnancy and child labour.

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Problems Facing Indian Economy

Retrieved 4 November Curtis; Albert Kwan Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective. Limiting ads of junk food to children. The New York Times, 2. Weight Control Information Network.

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Retrieved 4 March Retrieved 25 March India is becoming less corrupt. Indian Identity Narratives and the Politics of Security. SAGE Publications. A measured approach to ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity PDF. World Bank Group. In pursuance of its objective of eradicating poverty and creating a classless society, the government contemplates enacting two most significant reforms- ceilings on land and ceilings on the urban property. Development with social justice means to achieve full employment, abolish poverty, disease and ignorance, wipe out all forms of exploitation, produce more and better for public consumption, build cheap and durable houses in millions for the poor and establish a network of schools and hospitals to eliminate ignorance and disease.

Then only can but dream of Mahatma Gandhi of building a free India, both politically and economically be fulfilled. Statistics of higher production and greater national income do not tell the whole story. The test of economic growth must be more concrete- happiness of the common man, happiness of the masses throughout the length and breadth of the country. Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function.

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Application to principal requesting him to exempt you from school games for a month. Formal Letter for Class 9, 10, 12 and Competitive Examinations. Write an Application for the post of a Teacher. Write an Application for the post of an accounts Clerk. Same is the condition of other rivers that pass through populated cities. Both men and women enjoy equal opportunities, but as far as freedom and safety of women is concerned, India lags behind. Issues like domestic violence, rape cases, portrayal of women in media, etc.

India needs to work swiftly on its infrastructure towards better roads, and services like water, sanitation, etc. Quite a long list! Which problem would you like to add to the list? Major issues in India.

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By Ramandeep Kaur. Major Issues in India Corruption The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption, which must be handled quickly and wisely. Illiteracy The percentage of illiteracy in India is alarming. Education system The education system of India is blamed every now and then for being too theoretical but not practical and skill-based.

Basic Hygiene Sanitation is yet another problem, but one of the biggest, in India. Pollution Pollution and environmental issues are the other challenges that India is facing at present. Infrastructure India needs to work swiftly on its infrastructure towards better roads, and services like water, sanitation, etc. Ramandeep Kaur. Poverty and its Causes in India. Current Major Issues in India.