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The Concept of Mentorship

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Open Document. What is Mentorship?

A Mentor Essay

Mentoring is an increasingly popular concept of learning, development and support. Over the last 20, its use has grown significantly and is continuing to develop within a wide range of settings. In this assignment, I will analyse and explore mentoring, highlighting the issues relating to definitions of mentoring, the types of mentoring and application, the process of mentoring and the skills needed to be an effective mentor.

Over the years, academics, authors and practitioners have defined mentoring in many ways, often reflecting the different types and application of mentoring, confusing the issue regarding what mentoring is as a generic model or process. It has been likened, over the years, with many arts such as coaching, counselling, advising and teaching.

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  • However it becomes clear, when analysing these comparisons further, that mentoring does not represent only one of these arts but actually involves using all of them including other learning and developmental techniques. The arts and skills mentioned above are exercised to various extents at different points in the mentoring process to meet certain objectives. Klasen and Clutterbuck, , p6 Mentoring is unique in its place as a method of supporting people in learning and career development in that it does not exclude other methods, but exists alongside them, complementing them and adding value.

    Lewis, , p ix One of the main reasons behind the confusion or difficulty in defining mentoring is that there are two basic schools of thought on mentoring and how it is best applied. One is of the belief that mentoring should be structured or developmental i. The other, is of the view that mentoring can only occur naturally or when it is just left to happen i.

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    These two differing schools of thought regarding mentoring and its purpose can be portrayed as the American and the European methods or sponsoring informal and developmental formal. Learn from the best.

    Reflection on Mentorship

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