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These points should never be forgotten, but adjusted according to the requirements or instructions. Start writing your paper from introduction and explain the body paragraphs in detail. However, do not forget to limit your explanation according to the length of the paper. Keep a strict check and organize your paper. It should not include illogical or incomplete sentences.

What are the difficulties faced by students while writing an academic paper?

One of the most concerned questions of the students is what is an abstract in a research paper. If you are also concerned or curious about it, relax. It is not difficult at all, as most of the students consider it the easiest part of the whole research paper. You can learn how to write an abstract in detail in the next section. For now, keep in mind that the abstract should not be more than words or less than words.

It roughly makes almost half of a page. Keep a strict check on word choice. Abstract of the research paper is actually summary sentences of each section of your research paper.

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It means that you have to explain the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion of your paper, in brief topic sentences. An introduction is the face of any piece of writing. You need to beware that there are chances of your paper being rejected if you fail to impress your instructor with your understanding and knowledge of the topic. Before finally moving towards writing your research paper introduction, explore some of the important points of your paper in this section.

The first important point is that you need to write your introduction in a captivating and clear manner. Be sure to provide a little background of the issue, however, also ensure not dragging the background too much. Secondly, you can mention some statistics or evidence from the previous research. This should point to the seriousness, or importance of the topic you are going to discuss.

This Is How to Write an Effective Research Paper

Lastly, ensure the fact that you have included the perfectly composed thesis statement as the last line of your introduction section. You can also include your thesis statement as the first sentence of your paper, only if your instructor demands so. Struggling on how to write a thesis statement of your paper? Do not worry, you just have to follow the thesis statement examples for research papers, which are attached below. How to write a thesis for a research paper PDF. After writing the introduction, the next step towards writing an attention-grabbing research paper is to develop the body paragraphs.

These should be according to the initially composed paragraphs. The body paragraphs of the research paper can differ according to the nature of the subject or topic. While writing a research paper about the subjects of nursing and health care, you can adopt a simpler format of writing. Include literature review, methodology, results and discussion sections after writing the introduction. However, in case of writing a research paper about literature or some ethical issue, construct and organize your research paper in the direction of introduction leading to discussion and conclusion.

Try to locate the scholarly or peer reviewed research articles, written about the same issue you have picked for your research paper. Don't forget that you have to discuss the past, as well as present state of the matter. In addition to it, provide a detailed insight into the previously conducted research in the field. You have to explain the whole procedure of how the results of the research study were extracted. Pay special attention to each and every part. You cannot add any other thing in results section like what you expected. However, you can do that in the next one.

Explain in detail how the results are in accordance or difference with the expected outcome, as well as the significance of your findings. Students can also comment on the results of the research study by comparing them with other present or previous research studies in the field and discuss the current state of the issue.

The students of scientific fields can follow the above described format of literature review, methodology, results and discussion. Other students of literature and general level subjects can simply continue on the following format of discussion after the introduction section.

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After the discussion section, you can include the section of limitations or ethical issues in your research paper. Limitations of the research study include problems related to the physical issues like travelling miles to reach the respondents or the impact of weather on the research. On the other hand, problems due to permission of respondents or their inability to support the research regarding some specific argument or point are considered ethical issues.

Describing the limitations or ethical issues of the study in the research paper is quite important. They will be able to deal with them in an effective manner to make the research more reliable. The conclusion is one of the most important parts of your research paper, so be careful to not make any mistakes. If you are confused about how to write a conclusion for a research paper, you do not need to worry. You can only include the synthesis of your paper and the concluding sentence in this section. These engines help the students to amplify their academic paper writing.

Also, students are suggested to consult the experts. There are many academic writing services which have hired capable writers and provide the academic writing service in a reasonable cost and trust-able manner. Some students do not believe in themselves that they can achieve the writing tasks. They get panic when they are assigned to such tasks.


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The tip for them is: To relax their mind and body. Get easy on your topic and give yourself some time and a few chances. And once you have done the writing task, do not over think about it.

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Feel free and fresh. Give a smile and calm your mind. Some students do less work and take more stress. It is advised to the students to keep their mind relaxed and focus on the positive sides. Celebrate the fact that you have completed the research. Give your mind a time to energize for the next tasks. Motivate yourself! Give yourself the strength and the push that you have achieved something today. Academic Writing Pro allows you unlimited revision offer. We would deliver you best piece unless it meets your complete satisfaction.

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Writing the irrelevant or extra information: Many students habitually write down anything and everything they find matching with the title. Information sources and guiding websites: Students often face problems regarding information gathering and genuine sources. Lack of self-confidence: Some students do not believe in themselves that they can achieve the writing tasks.

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